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The Institute for Enterprise Management and Engineering IEME, as a new university level education institution, which is operating since October 2001. Its mission is, in cooperation with partners worldwide, to Services economy and industry development in Kosovo:

The main activities of (IEME) are: Higher Education (responding on university level), Vocational Training, Transfer of Technology and Know How, Business Support Services, Publications, International Research and Development.

IEME intends to get the leading role in implementation of modern technologies, to informing the people about new trends and in up-bringing to quality.
  • IEME acts process orientated.

  • IEME is running under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

  • IEME knows the market and recognizes trends very early.

  • IEME works according to the law of supply and demand.

  • IEME appreciates the client as a partner.
  • IEME will help you to improve the image of your enterprise.

  • IEME will be pleased to pave your way to success.
  • IEME is your strong partner in understanding your problems.

  • IEME Servicess you anytime during the whole process of modification and problem solving.

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  • Operating centre
  • Training centre
  • Laboratory of Mechatronics
  • Laboratory of CNC - techniques
  • Computer rooms
  • Different hardware and software for proffesional traning and E-learnig
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  • IEME is a project oriented company.
  • IEME has successful and experienced staff. More than 100 experts and auditors.
  • IEME appoints only best educated trainers, who are familiar with the training programmes.
  • IEME is your process guide; continuative education of your staff is successful investment.

  • We are successful due to our well trained staff.

    A complete list of our staff will soon be presented.

    Head of 'IEME' and contact person

    Click to see Ehajrizi biography

    Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Dr.techn. Edmond Hajrizi (Executive Director)

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    Job Offers

    We are looking for best educated training personnel and experts.

    Our offer for you is:

  • interesting and variable activities in a future oriented company
  • personal and subject orientated
  • further education and possibilities for development
  • flexible working hours
  • innovative enterprise culture

  • High priority for our staff is to be team oriented.

    If you are interested in our institutes activities, please send your CV or contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you.

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     Top News:
    Executive Education Program: "International Engineering Management"
    Next Start: 12.11.2006
    Top Education for Top Managers.

    IEME - Course: "Business Management"
    May - June 2006
    A cooperation between IEME and austrian institute - WIFI.

    6th IEME International Conference: "European Quality Days...."
    The conference includes all topics of quality, standrads, accreditation and certification

    IEME - Exhibition
    Austria and Kosova modern arts.

    IEME - experts meeting
    Presentation und round table with the IEME experts for corriculums development.

    TEMPUS Projekt: "ULEMIK"
    June 2006
    IEME Tempus Project for 2006.

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