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Enterprise who wish to be successful require qualified staff.

IEME - International Academy offers special training courses, workshops, seminars and different higher education studies in the sphere of: Management/business administration, Business Sciences, Information Technology - Computing, Special qualification in different sectors and Technologies, Language Training.

IEME, in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, works also for the Quality Ansurance in the Educational Institutions and Universities.

IEME target group are people who are involved in business (employees and entrepreneurs) and also other people who are interested in the above topics.

Participants in our courses will become the international experience, all necessary courseware and after successful ending of the course they receive an IEME-certificate.

Normally, courses and seminars take place in the classrooms and laboratories of IEME.
The number of participants is limited depending on topic and circumstances.

We can also tailor a course precisely to your needs. We provide a free assessment to evaluate the current level of knowledge of staff in your enterprise. We also provide on-site courses and training at your enterprise to match the time schedules to the requirements and circumstances of your company.

For more information please contact us and see also the Oncoming Events.

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Product Management Industrial Engineering Quality Management (ISO 9000:2000) Project Management Process Management Human Resourses Management Strategic Management Supply Chain Management
E-Business Transport & Logistics Flexible Productions Systems Lean Production Business Administration Production Planning and Scheduling Start Up (Founding) of new enterprises.


Marketing/Sales Foreign Trade/Customs Logistics Finance and Accounting
Secretarial Law

Mechatronics and other Technologies

Mechatronics (Pneumatics, Electro-Pneumatics, E-Techniques / Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Hydraulics, Electro-Hydraulics, Hydraulic Control Systems, Sensors Design Assembly & Maintenance of Mechatronics Systems CAx - Technologies (CAD/CAM, CAQ, CAP and others CA) CNC-Techniques Robotics Work Techniques / Work Organisation Environmental Protection Safety Technique
Employee Protection Technical Documentation Welding Innovation


Basic Training Hardware Software Engineering (Programming Languages, Databases) Networking Computer Simulation Computer Design and Animation
Enterprise Application Systems (like ERP, SAP, ) Internet Applications

Personality Training

Personal Management Communication Successful Teamwork, etc.

Foreign Languages

English German French, etc.
(standard courses, business and technical terminology)

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Top Education for Top Managers
MBA and MSc. Program:
International Engineering Management
Start: 12.11.2004
Deadline: 20.10.2004
An International and Interdisciplinary Educated Program.

IEME - Course: "Business Management"
September - October 2004
A cooperation between IEME and austrian institute - WIFI.

IEME offers EOQ - Personal Certificates according to EN 45013.
EOQ = European Organisation for Quality
Qualification with national and international acknowledgment. You have the possibility to acquire additionally, the certificates EOQ Quality Operator, EOQ Quality Assistant, EOQ Quality Management Technician, EOQ Quality Systems Manager, EOQ Quality Auditor, EOQ Environmental Systems Manager, EOQ Environmental Auditor, EOQ TQM Assessor, EOQ TQM Leader of and EOQ Process Manager. A cooperation between IEME and VQ.

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